At the Lyon Biennale, a bouquet of morose – Liberation

Contemporary art

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Global warming, shrinking borders… The contemporary art event plays out the agreed subjects without panache. Despite some beautiful works, the whole is astone and bland.

Postponed for a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this Lyon Biennale, 16th edition, clearly bears the stigma, the spirit, the doubts that appeared with confinement, during which the project matured. She stands right, good tone, good complexion, within the framework of the time and her mood, worried, anxious in the face of global warming, armed conflicts, the tightening of borders with which migrants come up against – we shorten the list . Of all these evils, she undertakes to draw up a report, without being indignant, without sound or fury, but rather, oddly with a form, it seems, of gentleness or rather of resignation.

This biennial, curated by Sam Bardaoui and Till Fellrath, does not hesitate to present itself as an event “brittle” and to make of this state (physical, material, psychological) a “manifest”. The text of intention, philosopher, thus invites to “to meditate on the fallibility of our human condition, on the transience of existence and on the precariousness of the entire planet [qui] opens up the possibility of harnessing the emancipatory power of fragility to achieve a new form of collective resilience…” And if “Manifesto of Fragility” extends this year the influence of the biennial on the city by investing new exhibition places (the Guimet museum, the museum of Fourvière or the museum of history of Lyon, among others, come s add to the usual Museum of Contemporary Art – or MAC – and Factories…


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