approaching, she understands that something has chosen wrong

She picks up her dog from her garden

The owner of this doggie does not denote discovering his dog in this state.

When Jenna discovered her dog Nugget, she couldn’t believe her eyes. His pet, which has a coat worthy of a white bear, appeared with an unusual look.

The dog turned into Kermit the frog

Her puppy came back completely…green: “We didn’t expect to see a green dog. But it was all green,” Nugget owner Jennah told The Dodo.

But how did this white doggie turn into Kermit the frog?

According to its owner, it is the freshly cut grass of his lawn that is responsible for this change in appearance.

Rolling around in the grass, the dog turned green. After an hour of intensive washing thanks to the liquid dishes, the little Grinch was able to regain his normal appearance.

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