anyone who sees its paws is left speechless


Elodie Carpentier

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Hooch is a beautiful dog who has a very atypical passion: she loves to wear “crocs”. This passion began when Holly Smith, his owner, started putting shoes on him to protect his paws.

A passion that changed the dog’s life

While surfing the Internet, she discovered that “crocs” had been designed for dogs. Without hesitation, she decided to buy a pair for Hooch.

She indicated that her animal was not going to support these little plastic shoes and that she would only be used for a photo shoot. And yet, the magic worked.

“She gets extra attention”

“She was immediately turned on when I put her on, and we had to do a walk test,” Holly Smith told The Dodo.

Today, she still wears her plastic shoes: “She gets extra attention when she wears them.”

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