Antibes: the body of a woman discovered in a refrigerator, her husband suspected

The story is chilling. A man of Danish nationality, suspected of having killed his partner and having locked her corpse in a refrigerator in Antibes, was arrested and brought to justice for “spouse homicide”, the Grasse prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old suspect, already taken into custody recently for “animal abuse”, had asked two of his acquaintances to transport a refrigerator to the dump.

The two men, then exonerated, were surprised by the strong smell coming from the padlocked device. Their friend had told them that the smell came from the body of a dog he had killed. But after having “broken the padlock”, they discovered inside certainly the corpse of a dog but also a “human body”, explained the parquet floor of Grasse in a press release.

Puppy corpse also found

At this stage, “the victim is not formally identified but the elements drawn from the investigation and the examination of the body suggest that it is the wife of the detainee”, specified the prosecution. . Additional analyzes “are currently underway in order to establish this identity indisputably”, added the prosecution.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday. A search carried out at his home led to the discovery of numerous loaded weapons, narcotics and the corpse of a puppy in a freezer, the prosecution said.

At the end of his police custody, the man was brought to the Grasse public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday morning with a view to opening a judicial investigation into the counts of “homicide by joint possession, weapons and ammunition of category B, possession of narcotics and serious abuse or acts of cruelty to a domestic animal”. Pre-trial detention was requested against him.

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