Anne-Marie knits a sweater in… dog hair: she will soon give one to Prince Laurent

Summer is finished. We will soon have to turn on the heating again and above all, put on a very warm sweater. Anne-Marie, a resident of Berloz near Waremme, is knitting one with… Bobtail wool! A creation that she then intends to offer to Prince Laurent.

Every two days, Anne-Marie Bada, a resident of Berloz in the province of Liège, brushes her dog Camden. And the harvest is quite good: with his 50 kilos and his long hair, his bobtail needs maintenance. But why not reuse its tufts of hair?

Originally, bobtails helped shepherds manage their flock of sheep. And Anne-Marie thinks that at the time, we were already using their hair to make wool: “I believe that when the shepherds initially sheared the sheep, they also sheared the dogs at the same time. Once or twice a year. And that went into the bundle of wool”, she supposes.

In any case, Anne-Marie did not hesitate for a second! The dog hair from his bobtails is sent to a spinning specialist and claimed as a ball. A slightly irregular yarn but quite knittable. Only defect: a little smell of… dog! “When you live with dogs it’s fine, you’re used to it! But it still smells a little, you have to admit… After a few washes, it may go away”, says Anne-Marie.

This very warm sweater, Anne-Marie intends to offer it to Prince Laurent. A little explanation is in order: at the end of last year, the prince came to visit the “Handi-Bob” association in Namur, which makes it possible to put bobtails, dogs reputed to be very nice, in touch with people in situation of disability. And the prince was very seduced by the idea of ​​​​wearing a dog hair sweater! Neither one nor two, Anne-Marie took it into her head to offer him one.

Little warning to the attention of the prince: the sweater is losing a few hairs… “It comes off easily, we take a brush and then there you go!”

Prince Laurent’s gift will be finished in a few days. And it seems that he could even come in person to pick it up here in Berloz.

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