Animals. These tips for successfully giving your dog medicine

Manufacturers of veterinary drugs have made great progress on the taste attraction of tablets: they coat them, for example, with yeast, which dogs love. The tablets are then taken as treats. But this is far from always the case.

You can trick it, by placing the medicine to be swallowed in an appetizing coating tablet, generally a paste that is modeled around the tablet in the form of a ball, or a perforated kibble in which it can be inserted. Another tip: introduce it into a piece of cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter.

But, just like us, who sometimes do not have a great appetite when we are sick, the dog can be reluctant to spontaneously ingest anything. So maybe you have to force it…

Make it a fun time

Take all the time necessary. You choose the right time and the right place. For example, you will avoid disturbing it if it is quietly installed in its basket.

Prefer the time of the meal or the evening outing. Sit your dog down, talk to him softly, petting him. With your less skilled hand, grasp his museum at the level of the upper canines, between the thumb and the fingers.

With the other hand, gently open its mouth by pressing down on its lower jaw before quickly dipping your hand in to place the pill in the bottom — you can practice with a few treats first.

Close, muzzle up, keeping his mouth closed. Massage her throat a little to make swallowing easier. If he licks the museum, it’s won! Above all, don’t forget to reward!

If the medicine is liquid, get a large syringe. You will only have to slip it by the corner of the lips. Finally, to help her swallow, tilt her head back slightly. And again, a neck massage will be useful.

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