Animals “in distress” evacuated to the hortillonnages in Amiens

The national police, accompanied by the association 30 Millions d’amis, evacuated several animals in danger from the hortillonnages in Amiens on Tuesday August 2 and Thursday August 4, 2022.

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The operation took place in two stages. This Tuesday, August 2 and Thursday, August 4. It all started with a report made by neighbors.

Animals (kids, dogs, goats, chickens, pigs, etc.) found on two plots of hortillonnages in Amiens were seen in poor condition. Very thin, visibly unfed and left unattended, these animals risked death. On Tuesday, a goat and four small dogs, parked in a makeshift sheet metal shelter and glazed in oppressive heat, were taken care of by the animal protection association 30 Millions d’amis with national police officers. .

They described themselves in a state of sale, without food water or living in their excrement
“, says this neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous who took part in “the rescue operation”. An intervention that is not obvious in a place that is difficult to access sometimes where you have to go round by boat.

Animals transferred to shelters

It would seem that the owner was not aware of the state of health of his animals or in what conditions they lived. In particular the kid which was probably not weaned and which had to be taken care of urgently.

Thursday, the same operation took place, with the same owner but on a different plot. This time, skinny goats, chickens and pigs were rescued. All these animals were taken in a truck to be then deposited in shelters of the animal protection association. 30 Millions d’amis is a regular in punchy actions.

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