Animals. Dog and baby at home: cohabitation is possible

The first contact

During the first meeting, let it go and observe. Some dogs will run away, others on the contrary will want to sniff the newborn. But for obvious hygienic reasons, you will only prevent him from touching the child.

Another element, the reaction of your animal depends a lot on his temperament. But you shouldn’t overlook the impact of your own behavior either.

Don’t leave your dog behind

So that your animal does not feel jealous and so that it integrates your little one well into its environment, give it a little time regularly. Cuddles, games or a walk “just for him”, once a day or at least every other day.

Never leave baby alone with the dog

Finally, as a matter of common sense, in the days or weeks following Baby’s arrival at home, never leave your child unsupervised or alone with the animal. Risks of biting, scratching or choking must be taken into account. But don’t be too worried and above all don’t show it. Because most of the time, everything goes very well.

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