ANIMALS. Burial, cremation… What to do following the death of a pet?

Your dog or cat has kept you company for many years. But now, the dreaded day arrives. At his death, besides the grief to overcome, what to do? What the law says ? We answer you.

Pets are with us for many years. We think about it without wanting to dwell on it too much, but these little beasts leave us one day. So when your pet has just died, what options are available to you? Bury him, cremate him. We explain to you.

It is article 98 of the departmental health regulations which sets the rules. In the 4 Breton departments, “It is forbidden to deposit the carcasses of animals on the public highway or in household waste, as well as to throw them into ponds, rivers, drinking troughs, sinkholes and sinkholes, or to bury them in general unless 35 m from dwellings, wells, springs and within the perimeters for the protection of springs and works for the capture and conveyance of supply water provided for in the drinking water regulations Their destruction is ensured in accordance with the prescriptions of the Rural Code and environmental code.

Throwing the remains of your animal in a trash can, a sewer or any other place is prohibited and can be punished with a fine of €3,750.

You can bury an animal on your land only if it weighs less than 40 kg. You must of course own the land on which you want to bury his remains. The hole must be dug at least 35 meters from dwellings and water points. It is advisable to deposit the corpse at least one meter deep, to cover it with lime and not to use a plastic bag.

You can also bring it into a pet cemetery. In Brittany, there is one in Ille-et-Vilaine in Servon-sur-Vilaine and another in Finistère.

The rates vary according to the weight of the animal and the duration of the concession. Again, only corpses weighing less than 40 kg are accepted.

Cremation of your pet can be done by taking it to a veterinarian or by going directly to a pet crematorium.

Specialized companies existing throughout France. Some branches in Brittany, notably in Josselin in Morbihan. The price varies from 77€ for a dog cremated with other animals (in this case, impossible to recover the ashes) to 328€ for a private cremation, which the owner attends. This service allows you to leave with the ashes of the animal in an urn.

Note that the law requires that the death be declared to the national identification file for domestic carnivores if it was a dog, a cat or a ferret.

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