Animal welfare… let’s talk about animal welfare instead

It may seem anachronistic that the very idea of ​​welfare applied to farm animals should be the subject of so much controversy, when the bases have been established for more than 50 years, and recently revisited in the light of knowledge the latest on the psychic abilities of animals. All convergent scientific data on the recognition of a psychic life in farm animals, subjects of a life and in conscious relation to their world.

As a result, well-being is not a disembodied theoretical concept (“animal well-being”), but must be understood as a reality experienced by sentient and conscious living beings in their relationship to their living environment ( “animal welfare”).

The Brambell report, a pioneering document

As early as 1964, Ruth Harrison’s book denounced the conditions of intensive breeding of animals used for production purposes.

To respond to these criticisms, the British government set up a first committee, the Brambell committee, named after its president. Its mission is to make recommendations and propose minimum welfare standards that meet the basic needs of animals under intensive farming conditions.

In 1965, he produced a report considered to be the foundation of reflections and approaches relating to the welfare of farmed animals in Europe.

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