“Animal welfare is my favorite subject”

If her skills are varied, the one that touches Ludivine Papleux the most is everything related to animal welfare. People who follow on facebook, for example, see this regularly.

“Even if it’s only part of my job as an alderman, it’s actually my favorite part. We carry out many actions in Braine. For example, we collect food for the “Les Amis des Animaux” association in Feluy. With this same association, we have decided to distribute 50 shelters for stray cats to citizens. In order to protect them from winter, but also to have gathering places to facilitate sterilization campaigns. Citizens called can reserve them for free, they will be distributed at Sainte-Catherine. »

Gaia was present with her “Catmobile” on Thursday at the Braine market.
Gaia was present with her “Catmobile” on Thursday at the Braine market. – RD

And Gaia passed this Thursday on the Braine market, with its very visible Catmobile.

Yes, it’s to make people aware of the importance of neutering cats. Even if the problem is limited to Braine in comparison with the other municipalities. We have been carrying out sterilization campaigns since 2012 and the numbers are falling, proof that they are effective. We have another collaboration with Gaia: in November and January, the association will lead events to raise awareness of animal welfare in the municipal schools of Steenkerque and Hénuères. It will really be awareness, information eh. We are not going to ask the children to stop eating meat. I’ve been there before, they do it very well.

Teaching is also part of your responsibilities. What is the situation ?

Our schools are working very well. The only downside is that for various reasons, we only have acting directions. For the rest, the pedagogy is very good. There are a lot of activities outside, because the teaching is very attached to all that is nature. Another point that is appreciated by the teaching staff is that the city grants a lot of PO hours. Hours paid by the city and not by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. This makes it possible to offer a complete apprenticeship and in the best conditions. We also think of children through the well-being unit, a 3-year pilot project aimed at setting up a team and a procedure for detecting and managing conflicts and harassment. Not that the problem is average, far from it. But it is an interesting tool if one day big problems arise.

Which joins your skills of health and equal opportunity.

We have several actions in preparation. With the CPASQ family planning and the city’s equal opportunities service, we will have a stand at the Christmas market, which will distribute condoms and small ribbons. At the end of the year, we will have a prevention workshop on retinopathy. Also, with the Soroptimists, we are going to carry out an orange campaign at the end of November-beginning of December, in order to inform and sensitize people on the violence of all kinds against young girls and women. It is an initiative of the working group that was set up on this theme. We have a big campaign on bullying and cyberbullying going on. We have also decided to appoint a communal handicontact referent to help or relay all the problems encountered by people with disabilities. Finally, in 2023, we are organizing a conference, an Amnesty International exhibition.

Finally, what about the Free Time Reception?

That with the non-profit association Récréa’Braine, we will further increase the offer of internships because the school holidays will last two weeks each time. Also in July-August. But the non-profit organization is trying to build staff for this. it is very difficult to find these days… And I would not like to forget the Church Factory. I want to ask the fabricators for everything they do for heritage maintenance. They are volunteers, often no longer very young… Even if it is with financial assistance from the city, they take the time to call for tenders to maintain and renovate the religious heritage.


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