Animal welfare in the spotlight in Verviers

Fortunately, bowls with fresh water were made available to the animals and a bar was intended for their masters. Seashell pools filled with refreshing water littered the outdoor courtyard to ensure the well-being of the dogs present at the event. On the program: about thirty local associations, or almost, to raise awareness of animal welfare. The day was punctuated by various demonstrations: the dog dance presented by the Lucky Dogs club or even obedience classes provided by the J. Cokaiko canine education school. The municipality is at the initiative of this day supported by the Verviétoise Society for the Protection of Animals (see our edition of May 27, 2022).

What is behavioral grooming?

Many dogs are terrified of going to a groomer. I prefer that the dog does not come out terrified rather than well groomed “, explains Florine Lejeune of Bien dans ses pattes, a brand based in Heusy. It is a grooming adapted to everyone. “VS’ is P take into account its temperament, its history, its fears, its global particularities“, she adds.

What is the difference between weasel and ferret?

The ASBL Mustela was present to inform and raise awareness about this little-known animal, the ferret. Unlike the weasel, it is completely domesticated, it does not only live in a cage and like other animals, it must be deployed, chipped and vaccinated. more info on the Facebook page “ASBL Mustela”.


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