Animal welfare in Ganshoren this Sunday: “These days are essential”

This awareness day, which the municipality introduced in 2016, makes it possible to create bridges between associations, shelters and citizens but also allows potential adoptions and the birth of new members or volunteers to help shelters which are saturated. .

“These days are essential”, underlines the alderwoman in charge of Animal Welfare, Sabrina Baraka (MR). Although animals are recognized as living beings endowed with sensitivity and having feelings, they are still referred to by some people as mere consumer goods. Each year nearly 3,000 animals are abandoned in the Brussels region, not to mention cases of deficiencies and/or abuse. We must continue to mobilize. »

youth environment

For this 2022 edition, a novelty: “The environment invites itself to this animal welfare day and so does the youth! Sabrina Baraka, who also has expertise in the Environment and Youth, wanted this year to pool and unite forces through a partnership between her three departments. “This pooling makes it possible to bring together more people in a single event and therefore to bring together those who are sensitive both to the animal cause and to the protection of biodiversity, the environment that surrounds them and de facto planet because everything can be linked. »

Better planting, mowing, letting grow, setting up sustainable projects is good for the environment and the planet, of course, but it is also good for the restoration of meshes, the shelter and cover given and thus preserve the biodiversity composed of birds. and other donated and non-donated animals.

Raising awareness to consume less meat is certainly good for the planet, but it helps to fight mass production and all that inevitably results from it in terms of animal well-being.

Environmental associations as well as citizen collectives will be present to raise awareness and show new projects on the territory of the municipality.

From the youngest age

For children and young people, a whole series of activities will be offered to them with the aim of teaching them respect and the right gestures to have towards an animal, whether it is theirs or one they meet in the street, as well as respect to have towards the environment around them.

“If we want to change, it is at the base that we must work and this from an early age”, slips Sabrina Baraka. “We make them aware of the causes but the children will have their freedom to choose the activities in which they wish to participate according to their own sensitivity and what speaks to them. »


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