“Animal”, the new shocking documentary by Cyril Dion

A seahorse stuck in a drifting plastic bag. Mountains of rubbish on a beach in Bombay. Thousands of rabbits crammed into a shed, cage against cage. And the seductive song of a bird that retains in a deafening void because it is now the only individual of its species… “Animal” contains shocking images.

Six years after “Tomorrow”, co-directed with Mélanie Laurent and seen by 1 million spectators in theaters, Cyril Dion signs a new documentary on the sixth mass extinction. The one which, for fifty years, has compensated for the disappearance of 50% of wildlife.

Ode to rewilding

This time, the 43-year-old director and environmental activist films the environmental disaster through the eyes of two 16-year-olds, the Englishwoman Bella and Vipulan, a Frenchman of Sri Lankan origin. With their backpacks and their curiosity slung over their shoulders, these two young environmental activists set off to meet a paleontologist from Stanford University, an activist in the European Parliament or the President of Costa Rica. “Animal” explains very clearly why biodiversity is in danger and what the consequences of this danger are. Bella and Vipulan come face to face with experts on overfishing and deforestation and witnessing first-hand the animal suffering caused by factory farming.

“Animal” then targets the heart of the problem: economic growth, which leads to the destruction of the biosphere. “In the human body, unlimited growth in a limited space is called cancer,” underlines Bella, while a researcher assures that the fundamental indicator for countries should no longer be growth, but health. To fight against the collapse of biodiversity, we must therefore use less plastic, less meat, consume and pollute less… But above all we must “rewild ourselves”, that is to say consider ourselves as animals like others. And there is urgency. Vipulan’s cry from the heart turns out to be heartbreaking: “It’s not up to us, teenagers, to have to bear all this responsibility”.


” Animal “, French documentary by Cyril Dion. 1h45.

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