Animal Rights calls for a halt to 80,000 animal tests at Janssen Pharmaceutica

The organization demands that the legislation be changed and that the tests be replaced by techniques without animal testing. It also specifies that a conclusive test on animals is not synonymous with good functioning in humans.

Tim De Kegel, spokesman for the pharmaceutical company, deplores this action and objects that the assertions of the association for the defense of animal rights are incorrect. “The reality is that the number of animal tests has dropped by 80% in our country over the past ten years,” he said. “We have worked very hard to develop alternative tests and will continue to do so.”

Tim De Kegel adds that Janssens is in discussions with Animal Rights but that “the science is unfortunately not yet sufficiently advanced to be able to do without animal experimentation”. Both camps agree that this practice is legally required to certify the safety of a drug before it is used by humans. Without animal testing, no drug could therefore be approved.

“The animals used for the tests often receive a drug that is administered for months,” explains Jen Hochmuit. “They are then observed for potential adverse effects. They are sometimes injected with substances or forced to inhale them. The animals often suffer paralysis or hemorrhage.”

Animal Rights has started an online petition to stop experiments on dogs and cats, replace animal experiments and move old experiment animals to a shelter.

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