Animal Mutual: Provide your dog or cat for less than 10 euros per month!

When we talk about insurance, for animals or not, we consider that prevention is better than cure! Better to contribute a few euros per month than to have to pay a lot of money in the event of illness or accident. In this way, you will avoid the double pain of having to make a financial choice and seeing your animal suffer.

If the amount of insurance is an important factor in insuring your pet, it is possible to find advantageous offers at competitive prices. Let’s do a check in.

I take out insurance for my pet at less than 10 euros/month

What is the cheapest amount to insure your pet?

The price for insuring a dog is not the same as for a cat. Indeed, according to the rates found on, it is possible to insure your cat from €8.26/month* and a dog from €9.5/month**.

This price depends on the age and breed of the animal, but also on other factors such as:

  • the desired level of reimbursement
  • medical history (chronic disease, congenital disease)
  • and identification of the animal, by chip or tattoo

This is a call price for insurers, note that the average amount of the contribution is generally a little higher. To get the cheapest health insurance for your pet, it is better to do the comparison. And choosing the cheapest insurance does not mean the best insurance! Indeed, be sure to check the conditions of the insurance before you commit.

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Mutual animals: what are the different formulas offered?

The different formulas offered by online insurers from the most economical to the most optimal. In general, we think of these different formulas of insurance for animals:

  • The economic formula is a formula with low coverage of medical acts in the event of your animal’s illness, less than or equal to 70%,
  • The intermediate (or medium) formula is partial coverage of medical procedures in the event of your animal’s illness, between 70% and 90%,
  • The Premium formula which is 100% coverage of medical procedures in the event of illness.

It is indeed important to remember here that taking out insurance for your animal allows you to limit your expenses in veterinary fees.

According to this table of average prices noted by Lecomparateurassurance, the economic formula for a cat varies from 12.20 euros per month to 19 euros when an average Premium formula varies from 30 to 19 euros. For a dog, the economic formula varies from 12 euros for the cheapest to 21 euros on average. The Premium formula amounts to 38 euros per month on average with 27 euros for a well-negotiated offer.

*Price noted on on 03/17/2022 for a European cat under one year old

**Rate noted on on 03/17/2022 for a one-year-old AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER.

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