Animal Crossing New Horizons Manga Review – The Island Diary #1 by Sachiko-chi

First flight to a desert island!

I’m a big reader of manga, novels too, and I’m quite regularly with a console in my hands, especially the youngest of nintendo the switch. I was no exception, I threw myself this March 20, 2020 on this release that I was waiting for with great impatience Animal crossing new horizons, was I the only one? Far from there !
I spent hours and hours to build my island, complete this museum or even go in search of new inhabitants who might please me! But what a surprise to discover the official manga of the game! Seeing this novelty, I wondered what it could have in store for us, I even think that we could have made this manga interactive like a video game.
Unfortunately, I did not appreciate this reading as I perhaps should have… I come away with a rather mixed opinion…

Animal Crossing New Horizons – The Island Diary is a novelty of the editions Sun in their Video Game collection. The manga is still in progress in Japan with 5 volumes published, and we owe this title to Kokonasu Rumbadon’t find out the job now.
I find the little sheet of stickers at the opening of the volume too cute, which brings something extra to the manga that is not unpleasant and which corresponds to everything that we can discover in this first volume. I hope that Sun receive like that for the other volumes, with a small sheet of stickers at the start!

So, this manga, although I came out with a somewhat mixed opinion, is not totally bad either, of course! Especially since we can clearly see a separation in its construction, a more narrative first part and a more informative second part about the game.
We’re going to proceed by logic and we’re going to start with the narrative part, and that’s what actually caused me a bit of a problem…
We meet four characters who land on a desert island following a flight error, and they will have to build everything on this empty island. The scenario clearly suits what is intended by the video game, it’s really a good thing that the story is respected at this level.
As for the human characters, we meet four guys, three of whom are really going to be memorable. There is one that I find too absent, and too little present to be really striking, so I already encounter an imbalance at this level, the characters are not fair…
On the other hand, the animal characters are much more striking since they almost each have their own chapter. I really like that we give more life to these little animals, and more personality. But again I found it to be quite unbalanced, humans and animals provided a lot of humor but I found it to be a bit heavy, a few scenes made me smile all the same but many are heavy. I will also add that I found the animal characters too pronounced, which sometimes makes them look ridiculous, and I think that’s a bit of a shame… Special mention all the same to certain faces that the characters make, they are excellent and really funny, and fortunately because I’m not a big fan of drawing…
For the rest of the small missions that are called upon for humans, it’s well represented and faithful to what we can try in the video game, and it’s nice to see such respect for history.

As for the second part, I enjoyed it a lot, and it brought an interesting and more realistic touch to the manga. Indeed, the mangaka gives here information on the important and recurring characters of the game like Tom Nook, Married or Gulliver. But also on animal characters that we can convince to join our island, it brings originality and interest to the title.
In addition, the main activities of the island are also highlighted such as fishing or insect hunting. In any case, I find that this manga completes the game experience, and can also help characters who are unrecoverable by this game to get started if they haven’t already. On the other hand, people who are not interested in the game or who do not know it, will obviously have no interest in it… A reading to be reserved for those who like the license or who wish to discover it!

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