Animal Crossing New Horizons: all about the Happy Home Paradise DLC

Play interior decorators and enjoy a heavenly setting in this extension of the Animal Crossing New Horizons game.

Animal Crossing’s Switch opus is one of the richest in the saga. In addition to the hunt for fossils, insects and fish, the game includes many exciting new features such as excursions and the possibility of terraforming your island.

In this, the game is very rich and can keep you busy for hundreds of hours. However, in November 2021, Nintendo wanted extend the life of the title adding a new experience.

An experience well known to DS players and which takes the form of a DLC: Happy Home Paradise.

What was Happy Home Paradise?

Happy Home Paradise gives you the opportunity to works as an interior decorator. Once the DLC is installed, Morris offers a new travel option: “Go to work”. But this job is not like the others.

You then embark in the direction of a paradise island where Lola has settled. This otter has created a resort where nearby villagers can rest and take vacations. For it, it offers villas.

This is where your character comes in. Depending on the passions and tastes of each holidaymaker, you will have to design the interior and exterior of each villa. You will then have to create a dream atmosphere for everyone by drawing from a large catalog of furniture and decorative objects.

Personalization goes a long way because it includes wallpapers, furniture, decorative elements… But you can also modify the external appearance of the villa, add plants, flowers and external elements.

Modify the exterior elements of the villa in Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

You can even change the seasons and the time of day to create an atmosphere that perfectly matches the desires of each holidaymaker!

The revamped adaptation of the Happy Home Designer game released 6 years earlier

If it may seem original for the saga, a previous title was already based on the same principle. Title exclusive to Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer offered the player the role of an interior decorator.

But unlike New Horizons, this title was playable separately. You didn’t have to own New Leaf (the version at the time) to enjoy it. However, it was also impossible to import items from this game into New Leaf.

Happy Home Designer, the game that inspired Happy Home Paradise

In contrast, Happy Home Designer laid the groundwork for the New Horizons DLC. Moreover, it takes over some features such as the ability to play with Amiibos cards. But above all, the DLC allows you to take advantage of real new features that are beneficial for your character and your island!

Decorator of holiday villas and more

Decorating villas is the main activity of the DLC. Moreover, this will be an opportunity for you to stock up on new exclusive items to this additional content. As a bonus, you can buy them and take them home. But there are many other things to do on the corner of paradise.

Learn new home decorating skills

First of all, the DLC is an opportunity for your character to learn how to make new layouts.

As you progress through your career, you will learn to build partitions to create rooms and separate spaces. In order to support the structure or add cachet, it will be possible to add pillars. Finally, you can also installer of variable-height worktops.

Thus, you can create low furniture or kitchens equipped with a central island. Finally, you can make the layout by adding a sound environment or by modifying the brightness of the room and the lamps placed in the space.

Do all the decoration of a villa, from the walls to the ceiling

Bring life back to the island by planning new locations

Your decorating skills will not only be used to satisfy vacationers. The more experience you gain as a decorator, the more Lou will use your services.

On the island, there are indeed several unoccupied premises. After showing all your talent, Lou may ask you to bring these empty spaces back to life. Especially since these can become major living areas of the resort.

The convertible school in the Happy Home Paradise DLC

Among the premises to be refurbished are: a school, a restaurant and even a hospital. Personalize these places according to your desires to create magical atmospheres and bring even more life.

Happy Home Paradise, a paid DLC

While Happy Home Paradise does offer additional content for Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is not subject to the same rules as updates. Indeed, the classic updates are free.

But due to its advanced content, Happy Home Paradise is paid. To obtain it, two options are possible.

Buy the DLC in-store or online

The first option is to purchase the DLC in addition to the game. However, there is no physical box for this DLC. The title is only sold as a downloadable code. This can be written on a card or sent directly to the player’s email address.

It is then possible to buy the DLC in specialized stores (FNAC, Cultura, Micromania), hypermarkets or online on Amazon. You can also purchase the DLC separately from the Nintendo E-Shop.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC Download Map

Whether purchased from the Nintendo E-Shop or in-store, the Happy Home Paradise DLC will cost you 24.99 euros.

Enjoy the DLC for free via the Switch Online subscription

If you don’t want to buy the game, you can enjoying it for free by subscribing to Switch Online.

This online service allows you, among other things, to save your data on the Cloud, to play online wherever you want and to access a catalog of Vintage games.

The different characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

However, you will need to subscribe to the Plus version and not the Standard version to be able to play Happy Homme Paradise for free. The subscription will then cost you 40 euros per year.

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