Animal Crossing Farm Island Design turns villagers into cattle

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can turn their islands into anything, even a farm where villagers are livestock. In New Horizons, the player receives an island that he can shape as he wishes. Since the game’s debut, players have shared many inspired creations that utilize the game’s creative abilities.

The animal crossing The series has grown exponentially since its debut on GameCube in 2015. Players who have been around since the beginning have grown from simple villagers to mayors to maintaining an entire island. The role of the player has changed from “the new one” who was sometimes bullied by the other villagers to the one who leads the community. The player now has a position of power, making all decisions and changes in his animal crossing experience they want, whether the villagers like it or not.

Reddit user acnh_kaylee has turned his island into a giant farmland, with villagers as livestock. With rabbits left free range while ducks, chickens and pigs are kept in their pens, acnh-kaylee gave everything a natural farmhouse feel. This attention to detail includes wooden posts and wire fencing around the houses of the “farmed” animals. Each animal enclosure has its inhabitants living in charming rustic wooden houses, surrounded by many fields of wheat. The little touches do that animal crossing the island feels like the countryside, with rustic, wooden furnishings like barrels and waterspouts placed strategically throughout the area. Even the villager of acnh-kaylee is dressed as a farmhand in overalls and boots, running from paddock to paddock, throwing food at the animals.

See each villager in a small but cozy enclosure with more emphasis on the animal part of animal crossing. Of course, every animal in the series can walk and talk like a human, but Kaylee’s Island reminds players how many farm animals make up animal crossing list of characters. There are sheep, horses, cows, dogs and cats that could find a natural place on this island farm. Any of these could make a great addition to Kaylee’s farm, though seeing the vast tracks of farmland with adorable animal characters everywhere makes it all seem more like harvest moon we Stardew Valley.

This farming island is another example of the awesome creativity players have shared over the past few years. Whether players see these characters as cattle or villagers, Kaylee’s farm is full of charm. All the while, it gives players a new perspective on the cast of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Source: acnh_kaylee/Reddit

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