an unexpected meeting will change their destiny forever (video)


Ludivine Mazzotti

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Dog Lola was found in an abandoned house in England where she had been living in her own excrement for at least six months.

Atrocious living conditions

The other dogs in the house were dead. A neighbor had provided her with food and the dog had survived like that.

Another dog named Ziggy had been abandoned and was about to be euthanized. Nobody knew his story.

Nothing predestined them to meet and, given their living conditions, the two doggies would never have imagined being able to have happy days.

A meeting will change their lives

Fortunately, fate decided otherwise the day they crossed paths with their current mistress.

Today, Lola and Ziggy are best friends around the world. In an adorable video, we can see them running in a field, overjoyed.

Their masters have created a TikTok account and we can see many videos of the doggies having fun in their house and enjoying the sweetness of their home.

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