An owner wanted her 2 dogs and her cat mysteriously disappeared on May 14 in Loire-Atlantique

a month, this resident of an isolated hamlet of Issé in Loire-Atlantique is looking for her 2 dogs, Orkan and Sparow, as well as her cat Duchesse. The 3 pets disappeared during the night of May 13 to 14 and have since been found despite the wanted notices launched on the web.

The circumstances of their disappearance are puzzling. The mistress, Christinestill do not know to this day if his 4-legged companions were stolen or if they escaped.

She explained to News that Sparrow6-year-old Labrador Retriever cross, and Orkanher 3-year-old German Shepherd, spent their first night in a kennel recently installed in her garden. “The box is leaned against the building of an old farmhouse which is not locked”clarified Christine.

However, the wooden door to the enclosure was blocked with a fixed bar and a small freezer, which should have prevented a runaway. “The kennel had only been set up since May 8. The first time I put the dogs in it, during the day, they escaped”a delegate Christine.

Suspicion of theft

Sparrow and Orkan sometimes have a habit of escaping and taking a stroll around the neighborhood. The mistress indicated that when this happens, the 2 canids always remain in the area, near the field, then rejected.

Furthermore, the disappearance that same night of Duchessthe faithful 17 year old pussy of Christineis a disturbing coincidence. “I realized, during the day of May 14, that she had also disappeared. I’ve had people tell me that she may have gone into hiding to die…but for this to happen on the same night as my dogs is very strange”a declared Christine.

The woman then looked for her pets that she missed so much, in vain. She contacted 40 town halls around by email, posted calls for help on various Facebook pages dedicated to lost dogs and cats and joined various local associations.

Sparrow, Orkan and Duchess are all 3 identified and sterilized. In addition, they have a sociable nature which makes it easy to capture them. Witnesses are invited to come forward if they have any leads.

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Christine lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie Nozay May 18. An investigation is therefore underway to determine the enigmatic circumstances of this triple disappearance and to find the poor animals.


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