an ostrich farm stays on course in the heart of Aveyron

It is a strange farm that attracted – or attracted – crowds to Sénergues (Aveyron), reports La Dépêche. For nearly 25 years, a family has been raising ostriches in the countryside, in a region where Aubrac cow farms are usually found.

Covid-19 hit hard

Due to the mad cow epidemic, the owners of the farm began to diversify their business and raise ostriches. Since then, they have focused exclusively on this activity, which allows them to supply meat, processed products and highly sought-after ostrich leather.

The farm is also open to the public and in recent years has recorded up to 12,000 annual visitors. Unfortunately, the number of tourists has dropped since the Covid-19 pandemic, which is impacting the farm’s turnover. The bird flu crisis has also done a lot of harm to livestock farming, affected by the closure and restriction measures.

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