An association steps up after the slaughter of a new wolf

A wolf was killed on the night of August 24 to 25 in the Grand Arc massif in Savoie. The animal, a two-year-old male, was killed during a shooting authorized by the prefecture, indicates The Dauphine Libere.

A measure denounced by Férus, an association committed to the protection and conservation of bears, wolves and lynx. This is the “third shooting in a family of wolves (…) condemning to certain death and in cruel conditions the wolf cubs being still unable to feed themselves”, indicates the organization in an open letter designated to the prefect.

Two other wolves killed in early August

In early August, the association had indeed denounced the slaughter of a wolf and a breeding male from the same pack. “The French State, with its shooting authorizations, has therefore decided to go after the rest of a pack which no longer raises a danger for the herd if indeed the herd was well guarded by guard dogs”, advances Ferus in his letter.

The association thus calls for “the cancellation of lethal shots during periods of reproduction and rearing of the wolf cubs and the return to the use of means of scaring”. For its part, the prefecture of Savoy had indicated to the Dauphine Libere, on August 18, that “prefectural decrees authorize defensive shooting” to “relieve the predation pressure observed on domestic herds”.

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