An army plane crashes because of… a bird

A Navy plane was carrying out a training exercise in Texas (United States) on September 19, 2021. On board this T-45C Goshawk aircraft was a student pilot and his instructor. The latter were to land the aircraft at the Fort Worth base, on the outskirts of Dallas, but the aircraft is likely to have collided with a bird before crashing. U.S. military just released video of crash, report The Independent which relays information from Fox 4 Dallas News.

In the images, several birds can be seen passing in front of the device without touching it. But a moment later, another bird approaches a little too close and then hits the plane.

No casualties

Quickly, the pilot reported the incident. He then attempted to reach the airstrip, which was about 3.7 km from his position. The two occupants finally gave up and ejected from the aircraft, before it crashed. One of them was found near the point of impact, the other perched on a power line.

Three houses were damaged by this crash, including a simplified one. The family who occupied it also had to move to the hotel, where they still live today. Fortunately, the accident only reduced property damage.

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