An animal is locked in a car in the sun: these good reflexes to help it

The process is not so easy because the owner of the vehicle could turn against the person who wanted to save the animal in distress.

With summer approaching and temperatures rising, the heat inside a vehicle can be unbearable.

So if a dog, cat or other animal is inside a car in direct sunlight, it is in danger and it could die. Temperatures can quickly climb inside and reach up to 50°C in a few minutes.

But how to act in such a situation, if we find an animal locked in a car in the heat?

The process is simple so as not to have any worries while being effective.

The steps to release the animal

First, it is imperative to try to find the pet owner and or the owner of the vehicle to act quickly.

Then you have to notify the police or the gendarmeriebecause it is possible to intervene when the animal locked in a vehicle is in danger, to proceed with the opening of the vehicle parked in full sun, in the presence of a gendarme or a policeman, according to article 214 -23 paragraph 3 of the Rural Code.

In the event that the police cannot intervene quickly, it is necessary to take a photo or video of the vehicle. the latter indicates the time and the situation in the event of a problem.

Then you have to find two witnesses who could attest to the urgency of the situation and in this case it is then possible to break the glass of the vehicle in order to release the trapped animal.

This is possible thanks to article 122-7 of the Penal Code which stipulates: “Is not criminally liable the person who, faced with a present or imminent danger which threatens himself, others or property, performs an act necessary to safeguard the person or property, unless there is a disproportion between the means employed and the seriousness of the threat.

The last article of law serves to protect the person who acted in good faith to save an animal in the event that the owner of the vehicle wishes to file a complaint for damage, as reported by the site of the Ministry of the Interior

The steps to take care of the animal once released

Once the animal is freed from the passenger compartment of the vehicle, it is imperative to provide it with some care.

In particular from the put in the shade or in a cool place, beforemoisturizing with a small quantity of temperate water.

It is also appropriate to cover with a damp cloth to lower its temperature.

And then to take the animal to a veterinary.

And on the side of the pet owner

The pet owner can be sued for mistreatment. He incurs a fine of 750 euros and he can be deprived of custody of his animal, which will then be designated to a foundation or animal protection association.

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