an already controversial number 88 for Corentin Tolisso

This season, the LFP allows Ligue 1 players to choose the number they want up to 99.

Since “his” number 10 is already taken by Lucas Paqueta, Alexandre Lacazette opted for 91. It is both his year of birth but also a wink since 9+1=10.

For Corentin Tolisso, it gets complicated. The number 8 he wore before leaving for Bayern Munich is now on the back of Houssem Aouar. OL announced it with 5, then 28.

And this Friday evening, for the kick-off of the championship with the reception of Ajaccio, amazement: Corentin Tolisso finally fell back on the 88. And obviously, of all the people who work at the Lyon club, no one told him said it was a bad idea.

Indeed, the 88 is highly recommended in neo-Nazi circles since it refers to “Heil Hitler”, the “H” being the 8th letter of the alphabet.

There was a precedent in Italy with the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who, at the start of his career at Parma, chose this number before abandoning it in the face of mounting controversy, swearing that he was unaware of the meaning given to it.

On social networks, many Lyon supporters were surprised or even shocked by this choice of Corentin Tolisso. Especially since the midfielder arrives from… Germany. Some fear that the already sulphurous reputation of OL fans will be exacerbated with this number 88.



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