An Air Algerie customer ridiculed because of her animal

Immigration – Algeria Visas and Travels – While regulations on objects transportable on board planes are increasingly restrictive, some passengers are wondering about the possibility of traveling by plane with their pet. Moreover, an Algerian traveler recently asked the question in a Facebook group. Is it therefore possible to have an animal travel with Air Algérie?

It is always difficult to separate from your cat or dog during a trip. Indeed, for some animal lovers, there is no question of going on vacation without their companion, so much so that they sometimes use social networks to ask questions to propose the possibility of transporting them with them by plane.

Newly, an Algerian passenger asked members of a travel-related Facebook group if there is a way to travel with her pet with national carrier Air Algerie. ” Good evening community, are there any of you who have traveled with their little dog in the cabin with Air Algérie (France Algérie)? »a writes the girl.

Instead of responding seriously to the questioning raised by the author of the post, the members of the group for the most part preferred to carry it. ” Last time I took my crocodile with me without problems », it is mocked a young man. ” I bought a sheep before Eid there and I brought it back with me to the cabin »one writes another.

Pet in the cabin at Air Algérie: what conditions?

It should be noted that the transport of animals with Air Algérie is possible, especially on board flights to and from France. It is therefore authorized to transport a domestic animal in the cabin. For this, he must not exceed 8 kg, be in good health, not be pregnant and travel throughout the flight in a clean and comfortable bag or cage.

Indeed, a member of the group in which the question was posted confirmed these conditions. ” My daughter took her cat with her last week (less than 8kg + up-to-date vaccination record + certificate of good health established by the veterinarian + the electronic chip) and that’s all that was required as documents » she testified.

In addition, it will be necessary to carry the animal’s health record. This must be up to date. In addition, if the animal is particularly fearful, nervous, or sensitive to motion sickness, its master should consult a veterinarian who will prescribe, if necessary, a suitable tranquilizer.

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