An aggressive pit bull attacks three people at a festival in Melun by biting them violently

The dog had no leash or muzzle and its owner was not authorized to own this animal…

The Les Affolantes festival which took place this weekend in Melun in Seine-et-Marne did not start well. This Friday, September 16, one of the festival-goers went there with her dog: a pit bull.

The animal was not held on a leash and not wearing a muzzle. He suddenly attacked a young man whom he bit in the right leg, as the Le Parisien report.

The municipal police officers present on the spot for the smooth running of the party witness the aggression and decide to intervene immediately.

Only the animal that no one can control then attacks one of the agents, biting him deeply in the right calf.

The dog, having gone mad, then attacks his mistress before being subdued by a discharge from an electric pulse gun.

Victims taken to hospital

The first two victims had to be hospitalized, the injured policeman being seriously.

The owner of the dog, known to the police, was placed in police custody before being admitted to compulsory placement in psychiatry.

No authorization to own a category I dog

The animal is classified in category I: it is therefore necessary to have an authorization to be able to possess it, which was not the case for the young woman aged 25. Moreover, she would have had to take him out on a leash and wearing a harness and a muzzle, which was not the case.

The fate of the dog

The animal was immediately after the facts placed in the pound pending its fate.

An expertise has been commissioned, it will be carried out by a veterinarian to study the behavior of the animal.

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