An abandoned kitten was found under 38°C, sheltering as best it could under the shade of a car

In California, in the middle of summer, a poor dehydrated kitten was found under a car, desperately trying to survive the heat wave.

It is in the parking lot of an industrial property, in California, and under 38°C, that a kitten was found dehydrated. The owner of the site spotted the little animal lurking under a car, trying somehow to shelter from the crushing heat of this month of August.

A kitten with a defeated mine and whose life was in danger

The kitten was covered in dirt, hungry and dehydrated. It was also infested with fleas and surrounded by ants. Exhausted, his desperation could be read on his face. It was urgent to intervene to save his life.

Illustration of the article: An abandoned kitten was found under 38°C, sheltering as best it could under the shade of a car

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The owner of the industrial site then contacted the association Alley Cat Rescue, whose volunteers intervene quickly. “It was so hot that day, the kitten wouldn’t have survived sitting in that heat for long.said one of the volunteers to meow of love. The little female immediately entered a foster family and was named willow.

The first few days, the kitten had difficulty suckling

When willow arrived in her new home, she was treated to a good bath for the release of the earth and the parasites that were itching. She was also fed, and needed a lot of help at first, as she didn’t know how to deal with a bottle.

We continued to wake up and feed him small amounts of food every two hours throughout the night. Finally, one morning, she took the pacifier and drank beautifully from the bottle. It was such a releasesaid the host family.

A very affectionate cat

willow a quick taste for his new life as a pampered indoor cat. She started purring and asking for lots of hugs from her foster family. She continued to eat well, and after each meal she loved to snuggle up in the hands of her adoptive parents.

Thanks to all this good care, willow weight gain and renewed energy. The life of a stray cat and the heat wave are already old memories for her. “She is super playful and sweet. She’s at that stage where she’s learning everything around her and kicking with her paws.

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