Amine Gouiri opens the score

71′. Ripoll spins! Le Fée, Gouiri and Koné give way to Diop, Wahi and Thuram.

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**69′. The French defense is in place!

On a good ball back, Krauss tries his luck with an outside foot and Fofana intervenes on a tackle. **

66′. The Germans are struggling to get out of their half of the field and are constantly picked up by Maxence Caqueret.

64′. Cherki and Kalimuendo replace Ngoumou and Rutter. On the German side, Nmecha and Khadra come into play instead of Knauff and Alidou.

62′. Gouiri recovers the ball on the left side, runs alone and tries his luck outside the penalty area. It is against!

61′. the Germans finally set foot on the leather and try to go forward. Krauss is well taken over by Meslier.

58′. 25m from the German cage, Le Fée tries his luck with a free kick from a right curl and it goes just past the left post.

56′. The French have a highlight! Gouiri, again, throws himself towards the penalty area and tries a laser pass towards Ngoumou, it is cleared in disaster by Thiaw!

55′. This is the eleventh but in 22 Espoirs selections for Amine Gouiri!

53′. Moukoko tries to respond to Gouiri but it’s off target.


On the left of the penalty area, the player trained at OL, launched deep by Le Fée, provokes his opponent then tries a curl with his right foot… Which hits the mark! 1-0 for the Blueberries!

51′. Moukoko wins his first duel against Lukeba and gives the ball to Krauss… It ends in Meslier’s side netting!

47′. Gouri the ball in the area and tries a strike… Unscrewed! The French are well into their second period.

46′. Rutter had done the hard part!

The French rushes into the area on the left side and tries a cross towards Gouiri, alone in the axis. He sends the ball too far!

Here we go again between Germany and France!


In a closed encounter with few chances, the Germans and the French entered back to back at the break. Merlin could have opened the scoring with a nice long shot early in the game. There was no additional time.

43′. The French are struggling to approach the German cage. The Fairy tries her luck again on a corner but the ball is pushed back without too much concern by the German defense.

40′. What an intervention from Kalulu!

After a good combination, Krauss tumbles into the penalty area on the right and sends a cross back to Netz. His shot is well countered by Kalulu. Meslier was beaten!

36′. Ngoumou provokes on the right side and tries a cross towards Gouiri at the penalty spot. It’s cleared by the German defense.

34′. Moukoko throws Thielmann into the area but it is well recovered by Lukeba.

32′. The rhythm of the match is struggling to get carried away for the moment. Few occasions to note for the moment.

28′. What an opportunity from Krauss

The German tries his luck from afar and sends a cannonball past Meslier’s cage.

24′. Launched deep Krauss enters the penalty area on the right side to fight with Lukeba. The German steals the ball from the feet of the Lyonnais and sends a cross to Alidou, well cleared by the French defense.

21′. The Fairy fires a corner from the right and his cross is returned with a header by Jan Thielmann. The Blueberries can not find the fault in the German defense.

20′. The French insist on the right side but are for the moment well blocked by the German defense. Fofana had even come into the penalty area to bring the surplus.

16′. Fofana is called to order by the referee after a foul on Alidou. The free kick 20m from the cages on the left side was well boxed by Meslier.

15′. The French try to press the Germans high to prevent them from leaving their half of the field.

13′. Alidou tries to enter the area on the right side, but is blocked by Fofana. The German was looking for the fault.

12′. On a distant free kick taken by Enzo Le Fée, the German defense clears the ball in disaster. Nice start to the game for the Tricolores.

8′. What an opportunity for Merlin!

The side takes advantage of the spaces left by his partners, rushes into the midfield and tries a long strike, pushed back for a corner by Atubolu. The corner gave nothing.

5′. On a counter, Ngoumou provokes right side and center in the penalty area. The ball is pushed back by the German defense.

3′. Gouiri provokes in front of Beyer and the first corner of France. The latter gave nothing.

2′. Les Bleuets have finally set foot on the ball and are turning it around in their half of the field, waiting to find the fault.

Let’s go between Germany U21 and the Blueberries!

Both teams enter the field

Make way for hymns, with “La Marseillaise” premiering.

The eleven of Germany U20

The composition of blueberries

Welcome to the MDCC-Arena!

Hello everyone to follow the friendly match between Germany U21 and France U21. Kick off at 6:15 p.m.

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