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Amiibos for Animal Cross New Horizons are available and we’ll tell you where you can buy the cards and figures.

Animal Crossing is a license that has been declined in several successful games including Animal Crossing: New Horizonsbut also derivative products such as stuffed animals, controllers, Manga or even amiibos.

Some people may be looking elsewhere for where they buy Animal Crossing New Horizons amiibo figures and cards and if that’s your case, just go to an online store and type in the product you’re interested in.

Which stores sell Animal Crossing New Horizons amiibo?

If you’re looking to purchase one of the Animal Crossing New Horizons-inspired amiibo products, well, you have to go to one of the usual online shops like Fnac or even Amazon. To find more easily the name of the card pack or Amiibo figurine you are interested in, there is an official page on the Animal Crossing website (The source) which includes the complete list of existing products.

Part of the Amiibos figurines dedicated to Animal Crossing (credits: Animal Crossing)

Of course, we remind you thatby scanning an amiibo on your console using the NFC zone, you will be able to automatically unlock the resident concerned and he can be invited to your island as soon as your adventure begins. Finally, we remind you that in Animal Crossing New Horizons it is possible to invite inhabitants, but also to “fire” them if you ever want to make room for other guests.

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