Altrad-Laporte trial: three years in prison, including one firm, required against the two men

The two men who have appeared since September 7 before the Paris Criminal Court were entitled to the same requisitions from the financial prosecutor’s office, Tuesday evening, three years in prison, one of which is closed.

Prosecutors from the Paris financial prosecutor’s office have requested the same sentences for the businessman, the president of Montpellier Hérault Rugby Mohed Altrad and the president of the French rugby federation Bernard Laporte. They demanded three years in prison for the two men, two of which were suspended.

The prosecution also requires a fine of 50,000 euros, a two-year ban on managing a commercial company, a two-year ban on exercising any function related to rugby, even on a voluntary basis for Bernard Laporte.

Ban on function in rugby

For the Montpellier businessman, the prosecutors also demanded a fine of 200,000 euros, a two-year ban on managing a commercial company and two years on exercising any function, even voluntary, in connection with rugby.

For the two men, it was requested a provisional execution of the sentences of prohibition. If the two men issued to be condemned according to these requisitions, they should therefore immediately leave their functions, as president of the FFR for one, and of the MHR, for the other. According to the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), the strong man of the oval would have, in return for the payment of 180,000 euros in March 2017, made a series of arbitrations favorable to the Altrad group.

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