already full on the eve of the summer holidays, the Bergerac SPA fears “a wave”

“In normal times, we would have been at the maximum of our capacities on the site. Fortunately, we work a lot with host families who consume animals at home,” explains the president, Éric Delugin. Since his arrival in October 2021, he has implemented an ambitious policy: “Do not refuse any animal. »

Adopting a cat costs 160 euros for a male and 195 euros for a female. For a dog, it is necessary to count around 300 euros.

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“We expect a wave. We still have a somewhat complicated month ahead of us, ”he predicts. In question, first, an early and massive arrival of kittens deposited by individuals or struck by the pound, managed by the association. “Usually, it’s more like mid-June to the end of July. But this year breeding is done much earlier. »

Fewer adoptions

Will be added to this the sadly usual abandon at the time of departures on vacation. And this, while the pace of adoptions tends to slow down during this period. “People don’t want to bother with a new pet before they go on vacation. »

“People don’t want to bother with a new animal before going on vacation”

If there should be a single message to get across, for the SPA, it’s “Don’t forget your pets! If people can’t find someone to take care of it, they can call us and we will put them in contact with people who can take care of it, ”says the president.

Please note that this service is not free. It takes about 12 euros per day for a dog and 10 euros for a cat. There are about ten pensions for dogs and cats in Bergerac. “But when you spend 3,000 euros on a holiday club, you can spend 100 euros on your animal,” says the president.

As a reminder, the abandonment fee for an animal is 105 euros. But, specifies Éric Delugin: “If the person does not have the means, our doors remain open to all animals. »

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