Alencon. A donation of €3,000 to the Handi’Chiens association

The Harmonie Mutuelle agency handed over its check for €3,000 to the Handi’Chiens d’Alençon association. ©L’Orne Hebdo

A donation of €3,000. This is what the association received Handi’Chiens d’Alençon (Orne) from Harmonie Mutuelle, Wednesday September 21, 2022.

It was Yannick Rapicault, the president of Harmonie Mutuelle du territoire de l’Orne, who gave it to Marie Wattiau, communication officer and canine mediation worker, in the premises of the structure, place de la Halle au Blé in Alencon.

A gift that makes sense

“Helping an association like Handi’Chiens is part of our mission as elected officials at Harmony Mutuelle, our partnership goes far beyond health prevention actions in the territory”, explained Yannick Rapicault.

Accompanied by the young Labrador Sherlock, aged 2, a student on the way to becoming an assistance dog, Marie Wattiau expressed warm thanks.

It makes a lot of sense to receive donations from local partners. Thanks to your sponsorship, two puppies will be chosen and educated to become assistance dogs at the beginning of next year.

Marie Wattiau, communication officer and canine mediation worker

The great potential of Handi’dogs

In front of an attentive assembly and touched by Sherlock, Marie answers with enthusiasm the questions which arise to better know the association.

Before becoming the life-changing companion of their new master, puppies are trained for 16 months. The training center educates and then hands over for free five types of dogs

“Assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility, awakening dogs which will have an assistance function with children with autistic disorders, Down’s syndrome, for example”, explains Marie.

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The external view changes on these people accompanied by their dog, the sympathy capital of their animal brings a lot of benevolence and creates social ties.

Marie Wattiau.

The association also trains assistance dogs for people with epilepsy.

They will be able to detect an imminent crisis and will warn their master by tapping him on the thigh so that he can get to safety…

Marie Wattiau.

“We also educate legal aid dogs“, she adds. The latter assist the victims in particular and sometimes accompany them to the courtroom, at the bar of the court.

Help students stay on top of

Mary finished on the school success assistance dogs : they play a role of mediator and are “a real pedagogical support for some students. They often allow them not to pick up. They make it possible to free speech, to express oneself…” she continues.

the Balzac college and the agricultural high school of Alençon have already welcomed several…

After the delivery of the check, the appointment is made at the beginning of next year with the agency Harmonie Mutuelle to meet the sponsored puppies.

“You will be able to follow their progress, see if they are good students! We invite you to hand over the young dogs to their foster families”.

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