Agrobiothers (Aimé, Tyrol, Vetocanis) stops the marketing of coercive collars for dogs

In January 2022, Agrobiothers, the first company with a mission in the Petcare sector, announced, as part of its mission of 100% of its brands and products guaranteeing animal welfare, the end of the marketing of ball aquariums for goldfish.

AgroBiothers continues by announcing stopping the marketing of coercive collars for dogs, including anti-bark collars and replace them with well-being and health treats, under its brands Like, Tirol and Vetocanisused to reward or encourage dogs.

Along with this measure, AgroBiothers will launch in early 2023 with its brands, Like, Tirol and Vetocanisof the Master class open to the public, online and in the regions, dedicated to positive education.

By ceasing the marketing of anti-bark collars, already banned in many European countries, including Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, after the discontinuation of choke and spade collars, AgroBiothers thus becomes the first manufacturer-distributor in the sector to make this decision, in line with its mission.

Ranges of products, recognized as an element of reward or encouragement within the framework of positive education programswere spawned as replacements: treats and snacks Like, Tirol and Vetocaniswith ingredients of natural origin.

Aware of the importance of strengthening the master-animal bond, Agrobiothers has implemented adapted operating methods internally since the beginning of 2020 (teleworking, presence of pets at work).

To go further and contribute to the development of positive education, free Positive Education Masterclasses will be organized from the beginning of 2023, in collaboration with professionals and associations.

About Agrobiothers Laboratoire and its brands

First company with a mission in Petcare, with the raison d’être “to act by paying for products that are good for the animal and good for the planet”, labeled PME+, Agrobiothers (Cuisery, Saône-et-Loire) is the leader and expert French company for care products and accessories for pets with its brands Aimé and Tyrol (accessories and equipment), Vetocanis (care products). AgroBiothers employs more than 250 people, has 3 production sites (Cuisery, Soultz and Byzerte) and a manufacturer-distributor activity in more than 20 countries in Europe.

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