Agnès Buzyn recasée: a famous columnist fires red balls at the ex-minister

Agnès Buzyn has been appointed adviser to the Court of Auditors by the President of the Republic. An important post that causes some rustling and criticism. After his indictment, and his mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis, he is accused of having received an undeserved gift from Emmanuel Macron, as Charles Consigny points out in The Big Mouths on CMRthis Monday, August 1, 2022.

Agnès Buzyn must have had ringing ears for a few days. The ex health Minister which had been strongly criticized at the time of the management of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, continue to be a political officer. She had left office in February 2020, to campaign for mayor of Paris, after a rain of criticism. Despite this reverence, Agnès Buzyn has just been appointed adviser to the Court of Auditors by Emmanuel Macron, this Friday, July 29, 2022. She will take office on September 1. In the studio of big mouths on CMRthis Monday, August 1, the columnist and lawyer Charles Consigny did not appreciate this “gift” made to the former member of the government of Édouard Philippe, doctor by profession: “You don’t have to ask someone who jumps ship in the middle of a storm.”

According to him, it is a kind of “reward” for a minister who did not hold the helm of the country when the whole world was capsizing and rocking in an era of incomprehension and heavy difficulties for the populations . Agnès Buzyn was indicted at the end of 2021 for “endangering the lives of others”in its management of the epidemic. Observers, such as Charles Consigny, do not understand this appointment: “I find that this state aristocracy is quite heartbreaking, and unfortunately I observe that it has been strengthened more than anyone else has chosen under Macron, when we were promised a certain modernity, and that’s it. there a new illustration.”. The former Minister of Health, had, following his fiasco in government, directed the Academy of the World Health Organization: a political life which continues despite the failures and the controversies. The columnist Charles Consigny denounces this stubbornness of Agnès Buzyn to want to make a name under the golds of the Republicrather than practicing his profession as a doctor: “And since she is a hospital practitioner, I do not understand why she is not going to work in the hospital. We still have no more doctors needed in this country, in hospitals only extraordinary advisers rue Cambon at the Court of Auditors to whom we will pay their allowances and their lunches place de la Concorde. he criticized.

Charles Consigny, the broken dream

Charles Consigny, saying himself allergic to macronism, entered politics during the legislative elections in June 2022: candidate in the 4th district of Yvelines, he ran under the LR banner. He had also revealed to his desire to settle in the National Assembly, a dream that does not date from yesterday. Unfortunately for him, the 32-year-old media lawyer was eliminated in the first round with 13.7% of the vote. Engaged alongside Valérie Pécresse during the presidential election, he is now back on the benches of big mouths on CMR.

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