Agnès Buzyn, Dr Cassandre and Mrs Hyde – Release

Epidemic Log

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Epidemic diary, by Christian Lehmanncase

In the column he has kept for “Libé” since the start of the Covid crisis, Christian Lehmann returns to the publication by “Le Monde” of the newspaper of the former Minister of Health, which paints a staggering picture of the macronie disconnection.

It is a crisis diary written a posteriori. A manuscript of nearly 600 pages that will never be published. By entrusting this document to the World, Agnès Buzyn, ex-Minister of Health and to date the only political leader indicted as part of an investigation for “endangering the lives of others” by the Court of Justice of the Republic, tries to deliver its truth on its action during these decisive weeks when the French State braked four irons to recognize the pandemic. Agnès Buzyn, a realist, explains that health is an area that completely escapes politicians and their advisers, and that the paradigm shift caused by the virus was all the more inaccessible to them. But over the course of his plea, as in his confidences shared in a very long documented article in the Indicate in July 2022, the information it distills is like so many unpinned grenades rolling on the floors of the Elysée.

In addition to her legal troubles, Agnès Buzyn has an image problem to manage. Dr. Cassandra and Mrs. Hyde. Not intrigued


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