Aggressive dog: how to calm him down?

As a rule, a dog is aggressive in a specific situation. It can be about his own pet or a dog crossed in the street. How should you react to an aggressive dog?

Your dog is aggressive. This behavior is rarely due to the temperament of your four-legged pet, except in cases of lack of education.

Why is my dog ​​aggressive?

There are several factors that can explain the behavior of an aggressive dog. They can be due to his environment, his state of health or even a violent reaction to his foreseeable. Among the most commonly accepted main causes, we can focus on:

  • the animal experiences fear or feels threatened
  • it protects property, a resource or a person
  • a state of frustration or irritation because of recurrent and inappropriate behavior…

Mistreatment or a health problem are other causes that can justify the aggressiveness of an animal. If it is a behavioral disorder, it most often occurs with age. It then reflects physical pain, even dementia. Although there are categories to identify attack or guard dogs, all dogs can be aggressive. It all depends on their experience, their upbringing and the circumstances in which they show such a reaction.

How to calm a dog’s aggression?

In the failure where you are confronted with an aggressive dog, it is essential to remain calm, not to get angry by raising your voice. Don’t try to interact or stare. Your movements must be slow and clearly visible to the animal. This helps show that you have no threatening intentions to resisting her.

In case of recurrent behavior in your pet, a drug treatment based on anxiolytics can be prescribed by your veterinarian. It is also possible to use an ultrasound device. However, this solution aims to repel the aggressive dog, not to appease it. We can therefore consider the device as a means of defense, not as a method to calm him down.

How to immobilize an aggressive dog?

If you are unable to calm an aggressive dog and the animal attacks you directly, protect yourself with some object. It is not a question of being violent, but of blocking the bite by the latter. Then let go of the object so that it focuses on it or push it away vigorously. Of course, everything depends on the size and strength of the animal.

For an aggressive dog attacking your pet, stand in front of it and command it to leave in a firm voice. If he has already grabbed your dog, grab him by the neck to pull him away. Never enter it through the queue. You risk being bitten yourself. As a reminder, it is not recommended to flee. The animal indeed runs faster than you. In addition, this reaction generally exacerbates its predation instinct.


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