After spending 8 years in a shelter, this dog is adopted by a volunteer and finally tastes happiness

Spending his entire life in a box is no life for a dog. Chase, his nickname, suffered atrocities when he was still a puppy and then was taken to a shelter where he scared away potential adopters. After hoping for his forever home for 8 long years, he found the Good Samaritan who gave him his chance.

Hunt was spotted in 2014, at the age of one year, by a resident of Jupiter Fr Florida to United States. The poor animal ran without but precise and did not allow itself to be approached.

Samantha Torresfrom the shelter Furry Friends Ranchthen went to help him. “He was terrified. I finally convinced him to follow me with a piece of pizza”did she relate to People before adding: “We thought Chase belonged to someone who used him for dogfighting”.

Hunt therefore joined the kennel where he was pampered by the volunteers. Nevertheless, the pooch remained sad and unappealing. “He wasn’t particularly friendly and acted aloof, so potential adopters ignored him”a declared Samantha.

A meeting in 2019

The years passed like this. Hunt saw his congeners leave for new adventures, and he remained in his box.

In 2019, Tracie Lundy became a volunteer for the shelter. She walked the doggies in the 12 hectares of land on the property. This is where she met Hunt and discovered its painful history.

“It wasn’t love at first sight with Chase, that’s why I approached him slowly. But once I got to know him and got past his badass shell, I saw he was soft on the inside. He finally accepted me and a strong relationship was born”an explanation Tracy.

Tracy however, was unable to adopt Hunt. She already had several dogs and her house did not allow her to welcome one more.

Nevertheless, the refuge canine never got out of his head.

In July 2022, the young woman unfortunately lost one of her 4-legged companions. So she decided to go back and find Hunt. Which is very well adapted to his new life.

Today, he enjoys with his mistress and his congeners. “He is so happy”a conclusion Tracy.

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