After Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, here are the two new little residents of Buckingham Palace

It’s no secret that Elizabeth II was known for her love of corgis. If the new King Charles III loves animals like his mother, it is another breed of dog that has won his heart: the Jack Russells.

The death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on September 8 left millions devastated across the world. Among the unfortunate, his two corgis worshiped who respond to the name of Muick and Sandy. Now that the queen is no longer here, her hairballs were meant to go to prince Andrew and his daughter, the princess Beatrice. Why ? The latter had offered the puppies to Elizabeth II on the death of her husband, Prince Philip. Muick and Sandy will stroll so no longer in the huge halls of Buckingham Palace.

Moving and moving in
The new King Charles III and the new Queen Consort Camilla are not going to move in alone, they are going to bring two dogs with them. Beth and Bluebell are two Jack Russell who had been adopted by Camilla Parker Bowles in a shelter:They are ever loyal family members, friends and companions and like anyone with a passion for dogs, I can’t imagine life without them,” she told the “Express UK“.


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Of the stars for a good cause
In October 2021, Camilla and Charles posed next to their animals on their Instagram account:Bluebell and Beth, the dogs rescued by the Duchess of Cornwall, are proud to unveil their bandanas Wear Blue for Rescue as part of the new campaign Battersea. The rescue celebrates all the amazing pets who need a second chance. The Duchess adopted Bluebell and Beth of the House Battersea of Dogs and Cats, a charity that has provided homes for more than three million animals since its inception in 1860.

Royal dogs very committed to the good cause, just like their masters.

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