After experiencing the horror in Bas-Lieu, fifteen dogs now sleep at the SPA

The discovery of fifteen Yorkshires living in their excrement and two other dead in a house in Bas-Lieu, this Wednesday, August 3, questions what led their owner to leave everything like this. Dogs are cared for by the Hirson SPA.

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How are the 15 dogs taken away, this Wednesday morning, by the SPA of Hirson after having been left to themselves for too long in a house whose tenant left without leaving a trace? The dogs are now pampered by the SPA which with this affair was, this Wednesday, overwhelmed with calls. ” We even saw curious people arriving who wanted to see them. But dogs need to rest
“, says Nicolas Hamang, employee of the SPA of Hirson. It was he who, with his colleague Justine Mulier, came to pick up these 10 males and 5 females from a house in rue de Guersignies.

“A day or two more and it would definitely have been over for some of these dogs”

The dogs had, on Saturday, procured the attention of a walker intrigued by their barking. Which called the police. While the owner of the house Patrice Grabowecki had contacted the mayor Ghislain François and the SPA for that matter before Wednesday.

A day or two more and it would certainly have been over for some of these dogs. “, is convinced Nicolas Hamang. The animals didn’t have much to eat and the dominant ones took over.

In addition to the 15, 2 were unfortunately dead, in an advanced state of decomposition in the cellar.

The SPA took some time, moreover, to list them, to find them and to embark them. ” Some were quite fearful.
Today, the dogs will be entitled to a visit to a groomer. Sure it will change their lives.

And the owner of the dogs?

As for the owner of the dogs and tenant, it remains to be seen where he is. Only he can help to understand how has come to this.

The owner of the house with a floor, a garage and a garden, said he had not heard from the occupant for about two months. The residents saw a car come back for a while, but they don’t know where this man is who, when he signed the rental lease, had a job.

Absolutely wanting to move forward and above all to chase away the bad memory of the state of the house as he now knows it, Patrice Grabobecki thanks ” Ie

mayor, the SPA and the gendarmes who did their job.
I’m going to have the house disinfected. I can’t leave her like this “.


The abundance of excrement in this house questions its occupant. And brings to mind other cases in the Avesnois. In particular, that of an apartment in the city center of Avesnes-sur-Helpe in 2013 whose tenant, a forty-year-old, had disappeared into the wild carrying garbage in an indescribable quantity. A specialized company had intervened to disinfect everything. Work had been redone to allow the accommodation to be rented again. But in this case, all the droppings were human.

The Bas-Lieu case also recalls another case dating from 2014 of too many dogs in a Felleries house. One owner had, as sometimes happened with pets, left herself overwhelmed until she had about twenty large dogs under her roof for which the SPA had intervened, with the placement of certain animals.

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