Adventure dog hitchhiking across Australia on his own

Some dogs tend to run away for adventure. As for Rusty, he is much more than a simple adventurer. In his case, we can even speak of a great explorer!

Rust is an Australian Terrier, 3 and a half years old. He lives in a family with two other Border Collie congeners. The trio of dogs has a strong taste for getaways. “Rusty and the working dogs sometimes went around the property looking for adventure“, a delegate Laura Scudamoretheir owner, The Dodo. But when it comes to exploring, Rust goes much further than his brothers. Literally as figuratively.

Rusty takes advantage of the absence of his masters to hitchhike

Daily, Rust is content with short walks around his home, with his Border Collie friends. Things change when Laura and her husband is away, and that the dogs are under the supervision of the grandparents.

During the first great exploration of Rust, he managed to escape the supervision of the grandparents. The Australian Terrier headed straight for the highway. He managed to sneak into a vehicle and hide there. Departing from goondiwindihe found himself at Chinchilla2h30 drive!

When the owners of the vehicle discovered the stowaway, they took care of it all weekend, until Laura and her husband get it back.

A second, even grander road trip

This first trip probably pleased the Australian Terrier, because a year and a half later, he decided to do it again. Again, the dogs were kept by the grandparents, while the family of Laura was on vacation. Neither one nor two Rust decided that he too had to go on a trip.

While we were away, Rusty hit the highway. He tends to do it more when we’re away and he’s looking for action“, said Laura. “It looks like Rusty decided to take a ride with a [camionneur] who had stopped to rest.

The dog, in fact, hid under the cab of the truck, and was not noticed the whole way. As a result, he landed at snow townafter a journey of more than 1500 kilometers!

Thanks to the number present on the collar of Rustthe driver of the truck was able to reassure its owners. Laura decided to make an announcement on social networks, and thus was able to find a car that made the reverse trip to bring the explorer home!

Rusty’s story is now told in a small children’s book.

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