Adopting from a shelter: a moral contract to save an animal

Passionate healers

On a daily basis, the animal keepers of the Lagoubran refuge use their experience but also their heart. They work every day with patience and tenderness alongside their residents, to offer them care and attention. The ultimate goal: to find a new home for each animal.

Our mornings are divided between the cleaning of the boxes, the care and allocation of medicines, as well as the replenishment of water and food.

Before opening its doors to the public in the afternoon to meet new adoptive families, animal keepers and volunteers shared walks, sports outings, games and caresses, in order to give new meaning to the human/dog relationship.

A dog is not an object of leisure that we have to break boredom; He is a sensitive being who must be loved and respected.

The Animal Assistance Foundation makes the choice of responsible adoption, in order to place the right animal in the right family. This sometimes goes through several stages of meetings, scenarios. Because it is essential to sing about the impact of an animal on daily life: the annual cost, daily walks of at least an hour… even when winter and cold return.


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