Adil Rami planted his team this weekend, his bitter coach

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This Sunday, ESTAC came close to a big blow on their turf against Lorient (2-2), a nice surprise at the start of the season which was carried out twice before coming back to score each time, with in particular a decisive but from Boisgard in the last ten minutes.

What caused the disappointment of his trainer Bruno Irles, the Trojan coach, who also tackled his replacements, but also himself for his choices in proposals relayed by the Team. “We could have won if the entrants had brought more. It has often been positive, it was not the case for some today, and it is disappointing on that level, too. The coach was wrong since they came back at 2-1…”.

Rami asked not to play this weekend

A bitterness that extends to the mention of the Adil Rami case. Indeed, the coach revealed that Rami’s absence this weekend was not a physical problem but was a personal decision “for reasons of his own”. “He asked to be relieved this weekend. I exceptionally accepted. We are discussing with management in the coming days, ”said Irles after the match.

to summarize

Adil Rami, defender of ESTAC and 2018 world champion, did not participate in the match against Lorient for unclear reasons… But his coach Bruno Irles did not hide having moderately appreciated his package this Sunday .

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