Activists glue themselves to the floor of a garage, the boss leaves them 42 hours without heating or light

For several months, activists from different associations have been making headlines. Activist attached to the net at Roland-Garros, activists who block the route of the Tour de France, paintings by great painters covered in paint…

Actions go unnoticed, except when they are…failed. During the last PSG-Marseille, an activist wanted to attach himself to the goal post at the Parc des Princes, but the responsiveness of security at the edge of the field thwarted his plan. Inevitably, when the interruption is almost not perceptible on the screen, the action has less chance of making an impression.

They stick to the floor of a concession

In Germany, an action carried out on October 19 turned into a fiasco, as our colleagues from Blick reported. Academics, members of the Scientist Rebellion group, decided to stick to the floor of a showroom in a Porsche garage in Wolfsburg.

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They were fifteen to arrive in the concession. Nine stuck a hand to the ground, protesting against the carbonization of the automotive sector. Problem for them: neither the employees nor the owner paid attention to them.

42 hours glued to the ground

At the end of the working day, the latter turned off the lights, the heating, and closed the toilets, revealing the activists left to fend for themselves, refusing to offer them a bucket to be able to urinate during the night. 42 hours later, he came to reopen his business, and it was only then that he chose to call the police.

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42 hours later, therefore, the activists were “released” by the police… before taking them into custody. Gianluca Grimalda, one of the activists present on the spot, complained on Twitter about this action, because his hand swelled because of the immobility of the owner of the garage.

clots “potentially deadly”, according to doctors, formed in his hand. He therefore had to be evacuated to the hospital.

On Twitter, the reactions are divided. While some express their support for the action, others are rather teasing: “They’re assuming serious decarbonization, which is why the dealership felt compelled to turn off the heat. Proof that he’s taking the situation to heart.”

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