According to Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, hunters are “potentially responsible for the worst”

Yesterday, the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo published an editorial by Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, the high-profile president of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) and rabid anti-hunting activist. In this text, he sounds the charge against the hunting world and, more surprisingly, against the French hiking federation (FFR), guilty in his eyes of wanting to share nature with the despicable hunters.

In this column, after having made a history of the FFR, the former TV host, points to the partnership signed between the FFR and the national federation of hunters (FNC), in March 2018, in order to operate intelligently and in the respect for the practice of each person’s activities. Mr. Bougrain-Dubourg is particularly shocked that the text of this partnership provides for ” Set up common nature preservation projects, such as the rehabilitation of rural roads, hearts of biodiversity“. However, what could be more normal between nature lovers?

But the best is yet to come. After highlighting the start of the hunting season which unfortunately saw a significant number of hunting accidents, the anti-hunting activist pilloried the FFR in a press release dated October 15 in which the federation asks its members to exercise caution and common sense when choosing their itineraries in the forest during hunting periods and to take all the necessary precautions in the event of traffic in or near an area where hunting is in progress. Classes.

It’s obviously too much for Allain Bougrain-Dubourg who ends his column by castigating the choice made by the FFR to ” call to order walkers, nature lovers rather than hunters potentially responsible for the worst“. Yes, for the president of the LPO, the hunters represent the worst and any agreement with them classifies you in the category of collaborators of filth. The authorities of the FFR will undoubtedly appreciate this text which will designate them to the environmental vindictiveness and will condemn them from now on to be classified in the category of infréquentables.

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