AC Milan – Monza – “Do not get the wrong locker room”: Galliani-Berlusconi, a heart for two clubs

According to researchers, who have looked into the subject correctly, every human being sees his life pass before him at the time of his death. If some visualized only a few scenes from their past, others would have the impression of reviewing their entire life, and sometimes even in chronological order. A phenomenon that will experience his lifetime Adriano Galliani, Saturday, when seeing the two clubs of his life compete at San Siro.

On the one hand, Monza, that of his city of birth and his very first experience in football in the first half of the 80s, when he held the role of vice-president there. Since the end of 2018, the tireless 78-year-old leader has found what he considers “his first love”, this time as managing director. On the other, AC Milan, his second love in the scheme of things. Between 1986 and 2017, alongside Silvio Berlusconi, the “Condor” won everything there: 8 scudetti, an Italian Cup, 7 Italian Super Cups, 5 Champions Leagues, 5 European Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups and even a club world…


Ruthless Milan with Monza


Today, Galliani is regularly seen in the presidential box of San Siro to support the Rossoneri. “There is always his assigned place, the same for thirty years“, we confirm the Lombard club, speaking of one of its pluses”loyal supporters“who”suffers like no other“During a match for his former club. So the question everyone is asking is: which side will his heart prefer on Saturday?”It will be cut in two“, he replied to the Italian media this week.

Above all, do not “get the wrong locker room”

Above all, I will see my whole life go by, Monza, then Milan and again Monzahe summarized in an interview with DAZN. For weeks I have been doing inner yoga in preparation for this game. I know the cameras will be on me, so I’m going to do everything not to move a finger, no matter what happens, a Monza goal, a Milan goal… It’s a dream for me to see my two clubs compete in Serie A. ” Even if never, probably, he would not have dared to imagine that he would come true one day. Yes but here it is, Monza, who played in the third division two years ago, snatched their first promotion to the top flight the last season.

A successful bet for Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi, an inseparable duo for three decades. The two men walk hand in hand, always and all the time: in sport, politics and business. They have known and gone through everything together. And they could be together on Saturday for the big Milan reunion.

I talked about it with Paolo Maldini this week, it’s going to be difficult not to get the wrong locker room“, joked Galliani in an interview with Mediaset on Wednesday. For his part, the Cavaliere (86), busy with politics for several weeks, between his re-election to the Senate and the ongoing discussions to compose the new government, keeps “always a keen eye on AC Milan affairs. Admittedly the owner and chairman of Monza, he cannot help but watch the performance of his former club, which he saved from bankruptcy in February 1986.”He even called me this summer to recommend a player“, revealing Maldini to The Gazzetta dello Sport in September. It’s definitely stronger than him.

Berlusconi against Milan, a first

I was the president of the most successful team in the world, he recalled last May after the rise of Monza in Serie A. Who will I support between the two clubs? I have to think about it, maybe I’ll ask my lawyers (laughs).

According to Corriere dello Sport, the former Prime Minister should make his return to the San Siro on Saturday. And even if the end of the story was not easy, even very difficult, the Milanese tifosi should welcome it with applause, grateful to the one who won a large part of his life (and his money, too) to their club. But this time, they will have to face each other. A great first.

After a Saturday spent torturing his mind and heart, not knowing what purpose to exult or what fault to contest, Adriano Galliani is counting on “bring out your emotions“from the next game, as he does”for ages“, without”to contain himself” under the duress of the cameras. One of his acquaintances summarizes it thus: “A manager and supporter of Monza 24 hours a day, a tifoso of Milan 7 days a week“.

The interested party has also revealed that he had renamed “Internet” in “Milannet”, not wishing to pronounce the word “Inter”, the great rival club of the Rossoneri. Incidentally, it should be noted that the Monza training center has been renamed “Monzello”, not unlike that of “Milanello” at AC Milan. Yes, this Saturday is definitely going to be very complicated for him…


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