About sixty pointers on display in Hanvec and Saint-Eloy – Hanvec

About sixty pointers took part in the demonstrations on wild, unshot partridges, organized by the Armoricaine hunting society in the municipalities of Hanvec and Saint-Eloy, this Sunday, July 31, 2022. The opportunity for masters to show the public the qualities of trainers that they demonstrate. The day was also, for pointing dog hunters, to share their experience around this passion. Each owner explained a catchy comment and educated their four-legged companion. And, for the youngest, learn to lead a pointing dog with the benevolence of the older ones.

Four determined sectors

On the ground, there were on one side, tests with dogs of continental races, type brittany spaniel and pointer of Weimar, and, on the other, with British races, kind pointer and setter. Four communal sectors had been selected for this event, in the villages of Goazigou, Bodévintin and Botcabeur, in Hanvec, and Fresbuzec, in Saint-Eloy. A beautiful day which should find its place on the calendar of local events in July 2023.

News from the Armoricaine hunting society

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