Abandonment of animals: “too big”, “too massive”, Oslo has finally found a master to his size

There are the little ones, the young ones, the cute ones. Those in front of whom families systematically stop, in animal shelters, and who are quick to find a home. And there are the others. The old, the “ugly”, the sick or those who are… too big. They can wait a long time before being adopted.

Size, in particular, is often a problem. “Even if the big dogs end up leaving, they stay for months, even years, if they are unlucky enough to be old,” confirms Christelle Varlet, director of the Compiègne SPA refuge (Oise).

The Oise, an ideal territory for caring for animals

Inconceivable for this lover of animals, of all animals. Thus, it is not uncommon for large dogs to be transferred to this provincial SPA, which benefits from an ideal context. The Oise, rural as well as urban land, has many villages, houses with vast gardens and large natural spaces, fields or forests, ideal for walks. So, “for several years”, Christelle has not hesitated to bring animals from other shelters in France, “and even from overseas territories”.

It’s a bit like the history of Oslo. After a year, this Dogo Argentino left Thionville (Moselle), where people walked past him thinking he was too big. Head to the Oise. Arriving at the Compiègne refuge, he will still have to wait several more months before meeting Jacques on July 5th.

“I had a dog like him, his name was Harry, he died in May, says the latter. When I saw the photo on the SPA’s Facebook page, I immediately called. I was thinking of adopting later, but I couldn’t wait. »

Too big for many people, this Dogo Argentino was not a home until Jacques came across his photo on the Compiègne SPA Facebook page. DR

Measuring 1.90 m, the withdrawal does not see walking a small size. In addition to this, his house and garden are already equipped for a large dog who now enjoys good meals: two handfuls of kibble, pasta, fresh green beans and chicken breast. “In 50 seconds, it clears the way!” », laughs Jacques. And if he overflows the armchair a little during the hugs, Oslo seems to be happy in his new home. The two new friends get used to each other.

“I think he must have been mistreated. He is fearful”

“He’s an intelligent dog but he doesn’t know real life… He spent two years in a cage, even if the volunteers took him out of course. And I think his first two years weren’t supposed to be rosy, let’s assume his new master. He still has defensive reflexes. I think he must have been abused. He is fearful. »

Example, one morning, during his daily walk in the fields. “The tractors pass through the fields for the harvest. There are plenty of straw ballots. He kept barking at them. So I petted one to show him he had nothing to fear. Since then, he has been frolicking. »

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