A young man sentenced to one year in prison for repeat terrorism apology by the Auxerre court

He was sentenced to one year in prison with a treatment order and more than 3,000 euros in compensation to the victims of the Nice attacks who have filed civil suits. The 21-year-old man appeared on Monday, October 24, at the Auxerre court. It was necessary for apology for terrorism in recidivism but also for death threats and sending pornographic and violent photos to a minor.

The comparison has been reported twice, first by the presiding judge last month, requesting further psychiatric expertise. Then because the defendant had the Covid-19. This is not the first time he has been tried for apologizing for terrorism. In 2020 he has already been sentenced for these facts by the juvenile court.

“I just wanted to make an impression”

During this new comparison, the young man wears a tracksuit with the logo of theOlympic Marseille. This football club is the starting point of the case according to him. August 28, 2022, after a match between Nice and Marseille. He who is a fan of the Marseille club, he defends it and gets confused with Nice supporters on social networks.

The man then posted on Twitter, an image of the truck which caused 86 deaths and 400 injuries on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on July 14, 2016. Under his publication there is a caption: “Nissa shit, 80 fascists disappeared“.

The tweet was reported on Pharos, a national platform for reporting illegal content on the Internet. The association Life in Nice also filed a complaint and then filed a civil action.

In court, the prosecutor lists the videos and photos found on his laptop. Images of beheadings, Taliban victories, violence. However, he denies supporting terrorist acts and even claims to be in solidarity with the victims. He tries to justify this tweet, I just wanted to mark the spirits.” It adds, “I do not have no limit in violence on social media.”

Facing him, the victims are present, seated on the bench. Four members of the association Life for Nice. “He’s an Islamist, I spit in his face!” Explodes one of the victims. “Our dead have nothing to do with the foot! It’s disrespectful to my father that I lost that day !” Another is indignant.

During the comparison, the defendant apologized several timesexplained that he thinks about their pain, in vain, the damage is already done.

An unstable psychological profile

Two psychological expertises were carried out before this comparison. The first demonstrates theimmaturity man’s psyche but also the fact that he is able to seriously verbally abuse to someone but not physically. The second expertise turns out to be a vulnerability which could lead him down the slippery slope ofindoctrination.

The prosecutor, GrĂ©gory Leroy, summarizes, “He’s a chameleon! He exposes his manhood behind the screens but otherwise he’s still a child.” Indeed, the young man was placed at eight years old in a home, without family ties, without schooling since the fifth.

The young man is already recognized as having psychic disorders. He himself asks for more treatment than he already has and consultations with a psychiatrist. Placed under reinforced guardianship since his majority, his manager was present during the comparison. She also maintains that he needs follow-up, but she also mentions another problem. According to her, “no structure in Yonne can meet his needs.”

On his release from prison he will be the subject of a socio-judicial follow-up for three yearswith the obligation to seek treatment and compensation for the civil parties. He encourages an additional year in prison if he does not respect the follow-up.

He is alsot registered in Fijaisthe file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offences.

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